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Clay Pigeon 7

Noel Rowe

Manager, drummer

Noel knows his way around farms and weapons of all kinds. He recently concluded a trip to the UK to ensure an awesome local stand, with the best equipment and well-trained instructors.
His claim to fame is that he used to hunt turkeys with a bow, and running out of arrows shot and killed a Wild Turkey gobbler with one of his drum sticks.


Richard Rowe

Chief instructor, beer connoisseur

Richard has just returned from a season of deep sea diving expeditions, and besides holding his breath for over 4 minutes, and running a 100-seat restaurant, he claims to be the finest shot in the sporting stand. Ask him about sniper shooting, and on a good day he may just show you what a good double crossing pigeon shoot looks like.

Clay Pigeon 21

Clay Pigeon

Maskot, hero

Clay has spent many years in the wild. He knows a thing or two about hunting and everything our instructors know they learnt from Clay. Back in the day Clay was a sniper in the British Army, but since migrating to the south he flourishes on friends, fun and high-fives.