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Clay enjoys a high-five and a smile more than the rest of his feathered friends. First time shooters usually arrive with the uncertainty you would associate with a job hunter at an interview. After being introduced to the feeling of that rifle on one’s shoulder and the anticipation of the trigger, they are happy to be part of the clay tribe. And so is Clay, to have a new friend.

As an international sport, clay pigeon shooting has about 20 different variations. Originating in Britain during the late 1800’s, this sport has grown to worldwide stardom, giving Clay the near legendary status he has today.


Clay Pigeon Adventures was established to bring the widest range of shooting experiences, straight to the public. Our qualified instructors take pride in making every event a memorable one. Due to popular demand, we have expanded our packages to offer people more, because our customers return looking for a greater thrill. Be sure to check our 5 gun rifle shoot, sniper and hunting experiences and full mobile equipment rental options for your corporate events.

At Clay Pigeon Adventures we are happy to announce that no humans were hurt during the making of this event and that our track record proves that you can have fun and be safe all at once. Clay is the first animal of its kind in South Africa and invites you to share in the fun with family, friends and colleagues.