Buying your meat from the supermarket isn’t much of an adventure, is it? Join us for the ultimate hunting experience. The sight of your target on the horizon, the smell of the early morning and the adrenaline of wait…wait…wait and shoot! An experience you’ll remember.

We cater for beginners and veterans alike, locals and tourists and even ‘that’ guy with all the gear and gadgets. Put on your camo pants and start watching National Geographic!

Transport to the game farm (North of Beaufort West) is excluded from package options, and is considered your own responsibility.


Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 6 Hunters.
  • No self-catering. Trips are fully catered. Hunter supplies own alcohol and beverages.
  • 50% non-refundable accommodation deposit is required prior to booking to confirm reservation.
  • Full prepayment 30 days before arrival.
  • Cancellation will only be acceptable in writing – no verbal cancellations will be valid.
  • The final payment for all game hunted and extras is due prior to departure.
  • The pricelist was compiled with the South African Biltong hunter in mind and will only be valid for local hunters.
  • Availability may change during the course of the season but hunters will be accommodated as far as possible.
  • We reserve the right to change prices before any deposits are received.
  • The rules are put forth to protect both the hunter and Clay Outfitters & Safari to ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the parties.
  • No hunting will start until all indemnity forms are signed.
  • The animals on the price list are the available animals. No negotiations regarding price or species with PH or Tracker will be allowed in the field.
  • Rifles will be sighted at 100m with appropriate adjustments made before the hunt.
  • Hunters to assist loading of animals .
  • Skinning and trophy preparations are optional as per the price list.
  • Clay Outfitters & Safari offers only a catered option. Responsibility for the supply and transport of alcohol or other beverages are for the hunter.
  • The method of hunting might vary according to the species targeted but driven hunts are most effective in the area.
  • Any blood, hair, or body fluid found in the flight path of the animal hunted will be considered a hit and full price will be payable whether the animal is retrieved or not.
  • Injured animals will be tracked to the best of the PH and trackers ability within reason and only if it does not have a negative effect on other parties.
  • No alcohol consumption will be allowed during the hunt and the PH has the right to end the session should he feel that the hunter is intoxicated and the safety of others is compromised.

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